Hospital Physical Plant Evaluations and Appraisals

We can provide the answers to your questions about regulatory compliance or about the cost to repair, upgrade, or replace it. Or, if you just need a planning staffer to support your strategic planning committee, we can assist. Healthcare REITs often need a clear understanding of the actual physical condition of facilities they are about to acquire and lease. We can provide REITs with a detailed status report of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

We are here to provide you with information regarding:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Repair Costs
  • Upgrade/Replacement Costs
  • Strategic Planning
  • And More

Our team of architects and engineers take several days to tour the facility, evaluating it against current local, state, and federal requirements. Our program of facility evaluation and assessment was developed with our partners, who are nationally-known hospital architectural and engineering professionals in facility assessment. Their standing and experience in the healthcare field is second-to-none.
Along with our experienced healthcare facility surveyors, we provide a thorough analysis of your facility in order to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your health care facility.
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