About Us

Welcome To AHCA

AHCA provides accurate and specialist level valuations and appraisals of hospitals, clinics, physician practices and other healthcare organizations.

Prior to 1992, it was nearly impossible for healthcare organizations, lenders, and legal firms to obtain hospital and healthcare specialist-level appraisal or valuation services. American Healthcare Appraisal was established in 1992 to provide accurate and truly insightful valuations of hospitals, clinics, physician practices and other healthcare organizations and businesses.

 A Recognized Industry Leader

In 1997, our President, Bruce Krider authored “Valuation of Physician Practices and Clinics” published by Aspen Publishers, this work became a widely received resource in the medical appraisal field. He has also written numerous journal articles for appraisal associations, medical societies, and legal briefs.

Appraisers and Consultants

What sets us apart from other appraisers in healthcare? We are appraisers and hospital management and finance consultants. We don’t stop at just giving fair market value because often that is only part of the information needed to make an informed decision.

We have in-depth professional knowledge of the industry based on long term front line experience in healthcare:

Hospital CEOs

Hospital financial consultants

Hospital board system strategic planning committees

Hospital trustees making decisions on major capital investments

We know the healthcare marketplace which, after all, is central to “value”.

Also important is we can clearly identify healthcare marketplace “intrinsic value” or “strategic value” which is not readily understood by those without a professional background in this niche. For example, what difference does it make in value to know how a potential acquirer should offer your hospital might be as they attempt to expand their ACO strategy within the context of access? What are their other options? Are you it? Are they offering you too little? Another example might be how might a hospital place value on a clinic or hospital in terms of the Affordable Care Act ? We include consideration of details and issues that lay appraisers just don’t know about.

What this means is that because of our long healthcare background not only as healthcare professionals but also hospital appraisal specialists, we clearly work much more effectively with hospital committees, boards, administrators and others to make sure that they get the answers they need and fully understand issues that impact their strategic capital planning decisions. We take the appraisal and valuation discussion to entirely new levels because we understand the marketplace and our reports can address important strategic considerations where others that appraise everything from flower shops to gas stations wouldn’t have the least idea.

 Meeting a Specific Need with Specific Skills and Experience

In summary, there is a reason for specialization. You wouldn’t go to a family practitioner for heart surgery. Nor does it make sense to rely on generalist appraisers to appraise your organization or those you may have interest in acquiring or merging with. And there can be no better appraisal firm than one that includes direct experience in the provision of healthcare services.

When hospitals or other healthcare organizations are considering appraisals they are usually faced with much more to think about than just fair market value of something because buying or selling can have many impacts.

AHCA only appraises healthcare or medical businesses. Besides healthcare providers, we provide these valuation services for law offices, financial institutions, investors and for other commercial clients.